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October 8, 2016
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Bring Under the Fiddly Clogged Drains!

What Can You Do About Drains that Constantly Clog?

What Can You Do About Drains that Constantly Clog?

Every one out of ten houses off and on undergoes drain clogging issues. Typically people get irritated due to such unexpected clogs. Why the drains get clogged is another issue that needs another article to be addressed. Usually this type of emergencies occurs at your best —a kitchen sink drain clogging can be proved a fly in the ointment at the peak of one’s party.  In such situations, many of the people find no way other than to call a plumber as these tricky obstacles are not a piece of cake for them to handle by their own. If you have never laid your hands on drain cleaning, the following tips may help you out to get rid of this abstruse.

Pick Over the Situation

When a drain gets clogged, the first and foremost important thing needed to do is to go


into the matter and set out an outline of possible remedies. Before applying any technique or tip, shut off the valve so that the sink or toilet may not start overflowing and create messier situation. If the situation gets severe, immediately shut off the hose bib and call nearby plumber Kansas City.

Volcanic Power of Baking Soda and Vinegar

The most easiest and inexpensive way of drain cleaning is to use baking soda and vinegar in combination to get a volcanic power to flush out the debris. Take a cup of white vinegar and dump it down the drain followed by a cup of baking soda. Cover the drain by a cork and let it work for at least 30 minutes. When it starts storming in the pipes, rinse it thoroughly with hot boiling water. You will notice the drain will come back to the normal condition.

Liquid Cleaners

You may go for liquid chemical decloggers for the obstinate greasy clogs but the chemicals may work as a mixed-blessing. As it sets down to the drains, it can rust or tear down the pipes. Quality dish wash liquids can be a substitute of these drain cleaners. Spout a sufficient amount of liquid dishwasher into the drain and let it be done for a few minutes. Pour hot boiling water down into the drain. This will hopefully remove the obstacles of flushing.

It’s Time to Let Your Muscles Do It!

Plunger is the tool of plumbers that is quite helpful. When the home made solutions fall through, you can trust on it.  It is easily available at stores. It comes in different sizes. You can pick up a size according to your need.  Tiny plungers are used for sink drains and a standard size plunger is good for toilet drains. Be careful while using the tool. Hold the plunger cup in a way that it will seal the drain closet and cover enough water. Plunge it to take out the rubbish and get your drain free of the blockage.

Try the Plumbing Snake

It might be possible that above mentioned tips get failed providing you good results in case of tough chocks. In such situation, you can use a reliable tool of plumbers—–plumbing snake. You can find it in different sizes as well.  This will surely help you out.

If all the techniques do not bore fruit, do not worry. Just give a call to Plumber Kansas City. The efficient plumbers Kansas City will unclog the drains by using their smart tools and techniques.