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October 8, 2016
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How to uрgrаdе wаtеr hеаtеr
April 13, 2017
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Don’t you have a garbage disposal, yet

garbage disposal

You want to get tips about garbage disposal? Must read this!

The kitchen is a mirror reflection of one’s whole house. If it is not maintained, it indicates that there is nothing organized in your house. Keeping the kitchen clean is not a rocket science. What you need is just to organize the things and keep the place neat and hygienic. A garbage disposal is of great importance keeping the kitchen hygienic. A garbage disposal mainly known as garburator, is a device installed underside the sink to shred the food waste to help it pass through the plumbing without and clog.

Let’s check why it is so important.

  • In USA annually, about 40% of the food is disposed of in trash bins that becomes the large part of waste entered in landfills. Garburator helps to decrease the waste amount.
  • Heaped trash bins attract the rodents and diseases as well. Using a garbage disposal keeps the surrounding clean. It will also prevent increasing methane gas in the atmosphere due to rotten food thrown in bins.
  • It will shred the disposed food quickly and will prevent drain clogs without any heavy cost.

How does it work?

A garburator has a shredder inside the unit that breaks down the large food particles into small particles. There is an impeller arm and pallet in the unit that force the water to take away the particles out of the drain. The dishwasher inlet allows the unit to grind the large particles, so they can easily pass through the drain. In case of any damage or jam seek the assistance of Plumber Wichita KS.


Having a garburator is good enough, but there are some Do’s and Don’ts to be deemed out to keep it working well.

  • Do not dispose of too hard things such as bones, glass particles, bottle caps, plastic items and shells in disposal that will slow sown the shredder and can cause jamming too.
  • Avoid fibrous and starchy food to let in the drain such as peels, corn cobs, onion skin, egg shells etc.
  • Do not let the greasy food and hair in the drain and avoid pouring hot water while the shredder is working.
  • Keep the tap on while the garburator is working and keep the cold water running for a minute after the waste is disposed of out of the drain. It will prevent the motor and other parts of the unit from heating up.
  • Clean the garburator regularly to expand its lifespan. Throw some ice cubes preferably special cubes made of lemon juice, vinegar or any other biodegradable cleanser with tap running on to cleanse the sharp edges of the grinder.
  • You can also throw orange or citrus peels into the drain to ward off the bad smell of the disposal. Keep the cold water’s tap on while doing the whole activity.

Plumber Wichita KS has garburator specialist. For any inconvenience or query you can approach us via a call.